Activities of SHDS

Awareness Generation activities

» Capacity building of women

» Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

» Handicraft-A Rural Technology

» Protecting the Environment

» Abolition of Child Labour

» Adult Education and Non-Formal Education

Awareness Generation Activities

SHDS is involved in AG activities in the following areas

» Women Welfare Laws

» Social Justice

» Human Rights and Equality

» Empowerment of women

» Female Infanticide

» Entrepreneurship and Marketing

» Child Labour and the rights of children

» Loan sharks and Internal Loans

» Abolition of social evils including bootlegging

Capacity Building Of Women

SHDS is involved in the following activities to build up the capacity of women :

» Awareness Generation

» Vocational Training

» Skill Training

» Income Generation Schemes

Widows Project

Shanthimalai is giving confidence and motivation to young widows for the secure life.


Awareness Generation, Vocational Training, Skill Training and Income Generation Schemes